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Community policing

Is community policing going extinct?  Lately it seems like everyone in the policing world is on the "bash community policing" bandwagon.  What is disappointing is that community policing has been part of policing for 25 years and there are people that continue to believe that community policing does not work.  REALLY!  How can anyone make that claim.  If you are a student of policing; namely crime fighting strategies and you can not see the benefit to policing and your department for implementing community policing then you do not know anything about what community policing is about.

If you need help realizing the importance of community policing please feel free contacting me at help@futureofpolicing.com

Community Policing Professional Program (CPPP)
Department of Justice, COPS Office Master Trainer for:
  • PBL-101
  • COP-101
  • ETH-101