The idea is to share what you think may be some of the best Law Enforcement, Policing, and Criminal Justice websites.


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The Best Website Ever!!!!!!!!!!! 

Coast to Coast AM

If you have ever worked midnights for any length of time you had to have listed to "Coast" or back in the day "Art Bell"  If you want to stay same fine what radio stations in your area carry Coast to Coast AM and check it out.  You will become addicted.  When other people say "You listen to that crazy stuff?"  Know that they do to.


Great Websites

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

This is one of the most important websites in Criminal Justice and Policing.  It offers great research in policing.  It has a powerful search engine for documents related to Criminal Justice and Policing.  Most of the documents are FREE.  At the very least it is a great starting point.

Stop and Frisk


Floyed et al vs NYC et al

DOJ Civil Rights Investigation

 Problem Oriented Policing

Center for Problem-Oriented Policing


 US Department of Justice - COPS Office 



Federal Bureau of Investigations

If you are a police professional you should monthly look at the Law Enforcement Bulletin.  It is one of the few police periodicals that use research and source citation on law enforcement topics.

Problem Oriented Policing - Best Practices

Courtesy of the City of Cincinnati     HERE

 Community Policing

The National Center for Community Policing:

Wesley G. Skogan's website:

Dr. Skogan has done a lot with Community Policing in Chicago.

Institute for Police Research:

            Community Policing Evaluation - Northwestern University

Peter Moskos:
            I read Dr. Moskos book.  I think it is a good read.  I wish other topics would have been covered especially some of the innovative policing strategies that could have been implemented and are not (in policing).

 Knowledge based policing


Prepared for the National Institute of Justice by:  Lawrence W. Sherman, Denise Gottfredson, Doris MacKenzie, John Eck, Peter Reuter, and Shawn Bushway

This is a very interesting report for those who want to become more knowledge based in policing.

 Intelligence-Led Policing

Professor Ratcliff is very generous by providing a one stop shopping website for someone who is interested in Intelligence-Led Policing.  I have the book but I have not read it yet.  The one thing that I am skeptic about is the talk that Intelligence-Led Policing will be replacing community policing and COMPSTAT.

Further reading:  New Jersey State Police created an article called:  'Practical Guide to Intelligence-Led Policing' which can be accessed HERE.

Policing Websites

The Crime Report - The best way to get the most important Criminal Justice stories.

See my article responses here:

“PoliceOne – News, Training and Products for Officers” -

PoliceOne is great for daily happenings in the world of policing.  It provides a daily up-date of the goings-on in policing.  There are other offers and interests that is unique to the Law Enforcement community.

Police chief Magazine

P.A.R.C. Police Assessment Resource Center - aims to strengthen police oversight so as to advance effective, respectful, and publicly accountable policing.

Data Analysis

Gangs in Buffalo, NY link YouTube videos here

It is a little crazy that there have been street gangs in Bufflao for over 50 years