Here is a list of assumptions that guide policing and can make is successful:

  1. Police and policing practices can make a difference.

  2. Implementation of Crime-Fighting Strategies are far superior that a Traditional Police Response.
  3. The specialty of the police is law enforcement and arrest.

  4. The majority of police work is service oriented and not law enforcement.

  5. The police need the public's help.

  6. Police should move from clinically oriented to knowledge based.

  7. There are several policing strategies available from the "academic" literature.

  8. Policing strategies are not mutually exclusive.  In fact certain policing strategies should be used together with other policing strategies because they complement each other.

  9. The police must always continue to be responsive to calls for service.  It is important what the police do before/after we get to the incident that makes us proactive.

  10. Planning makes the Police proactive.

  11. Saying that you do it and doing it are two different things.  Police must legitimately "walk the talk".

  12. Random police patrol is not effective - Police Patrol directed, guided, or framed by Crime-Fighting Strategies is more effective.


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